• You have the right to vote – it’s what living in a democracy means. 
  • It’s easy.
  • Elected officials pay attention to who votes. If you don’t vote, other people will make the decisions for you.
  • Diversity matters. Different voices, experiences and backgrounds will help shape our country for the better.
  • We’re talking about the future of Canada here – it matters. 

…especially if you’re a young voter

  • Every vote counts. Voting is the great equalizer – it doesn’t pay attention to race, gender, religion, or orientation.
  • For the first time since Canada became a country, young voters are the largest voting bloc. If you want the issues you care about to be taken seriously, you need to vote. 
  • You have new ideas and the energy to find new solutions reshape the dialogue around certain issues and find new solutions.
  • You are the country’s future leaders. So shape the Canada of tomorrow!

…and most important of all

  • Refusing to vote is not rebellion; it is surrender.
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