The Better Ballot Campaign invites Canadians to stand together for civil discussion and respectful debate during the 2019 federal election.

We want to make sure that all Canadians are able to safely to participate in political and public life. Each of us can do our part by supporting positive, issues-based campaigns.

Candidate’s Pledge

Be a leader and sign The Better Ballot Pledge. Help build a positive political dialogue that focuses on what is really important – the issues.

Voter’s Pledge

Stand up to negative, fear-based campaigning. Take The Better Ballot Pledge and say “yes” to healthy and respectful discussions.

Bring The Better Ballot to Your Community

Contact us if you are you are interested in bringing the Better Ballot campaign to your community.

What more can I do?

Every time we communicate with another person, we vote for the kind of society we want to live in. Here are the next steps you can take.

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